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From: 1986.
We’re WIN&KEN. We were born in 1986. We’ve seen a lot of things during all these years dedicated to design, and learnt a lot of others.
We’ve seen the birth of Photoshop, and our kids, and had to figure out how to manage them. Photoshop too.
Since then we haven’t stopped with the updates, with youth, talent, and endless plugins. We’ve learnt that time is worth a lot more than gold, and for that reason we never waste it.
We’ve seen the pre-internet world, and we’re still designing the post.
We’ve learnt that the fact that moving one pixel to the left helps you sleep at night is called perfectionism, when we thought it was just one of our obsessions. And that, although we can do the whole process of design and production with our eyes closed, it’s better to always have them wide open.
But if there’s one thing we’ve really learnt during the years we’ve spent dedicated to design, it’s design. We’ve learnt to do it, adapt it, produce it, and care for every detail from blank page to final artwork.
And that when you know the rules there’s something way better than breaking them. Reinventing them.
We’re WIN&KEN, and although in all these years we’ve learnt a lot of things, there’s still something we don’t know:

Why paste is Cmd+V